Architect Chooses Elite Shed to Match Home

Architect Chooses Elite Shed to Match Home

01 Sep 2019

Jon Rollins, an architect from Dallas, Texas, works with wood to create furniture, cabinets, and sculpture. He needed a new shop to keep his tools and sawdust out of his home. Ulrich Barn Builders had built a storage shed on-site for a friend from work. The beauty and quality of the building convinced Jon to work with Ulrich to build a shop for him.

As an architect, Rollins wanted a storage shed that coordinated with the style of his home and looked like it belonged on his property. He had a good idea of the size and style he wanted before he contacted Ulrich Barn Builders. Jon chose a 12x16 Elite Craftsmen shed.

He wanted the clerestory windows for more natural light on his projects. He had Ulrich customize the storage shed by removing the loft in the middle for added headroom and leaving it in the ends for storage. They added a single door to the corner so he could build a small storage room across one end for bikes and yard equipment.

The crew from Ulrich Barn Builders built the storage shed on-site in less than a week. They worked efficiently, keeping their work area tidy.

After the shop was built, Jon added electricity, lights, cabinets, and storage for his tools and supplies. Now he loves to work alone in his shop, enjoying the details of each project. He says his projects are his therapy. His woodworking takes him completely out of his everyday life and gives him time and space to contemplate.

He is very satisfied with his new storage shed. As an architect, he recognizes quality in a building when he sees it, and Jon says, “I would certainly recommend Ulrich.”

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