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Tall Walls Option

Victorian with Landscaping

Sturdy Loft

Classic Princess Colors

Beautiful Playhouses

Starting at $3,165.09

Give your kids or grandkids a reason to get off of their devices and play outside. With child-sized windows and cute lofts, these playhouses are the perfect place for young imaginations.

Built to Last

Unlike a flimsy plastic playhouse, these playhouses are made with the same quality materials as our buildings for grown-ups.

Victorian in Yellow and White

Cottage with Landscaping

Hideout with Cute Porch

Christmas Gifts Ready for Delivery

Simple or Elaborate

Choose from a variety of styles and interior finish-out options. Whether it’s a tiny Victorian or a bigger Cottage, it’s sure to make that little person really happy!

Customer Added Bright Colors

Ulrich Finish Out Package

Because Lofts are Fun

Playhouse Without Interior Finish Out

White and Pink Interior

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The Perfect Playhouse

At first the Burbanks were thinking of getting a playset. Then they realized their daughters actually wanted a playhouse.

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Kid sized porch

Bright, fun colors

Interior with adult door

Painted floor

Cute loft

On the steps with sister

Brightly Colored Playhouse Provides Outdoor Fun

Solera and Siena

Experts at Having Fun

After moving from the dense urban environment of California to a home with a spacious lot in Southlake, Texas, Randall and Charity Owen wanted their kids to enjoy playing outside.

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Spacious Fun

Premier Cottage

The Cottage features two adorable dormers and a porch that spans the length of the playhouse. With this much space, your little lady can invite all her best friends over for a party.

Pretty and Strong

Premier Hideout

The Hideout comes standard with a loft and a child-sized porch. With the loft positioned under the upstairs window, it's the perfect place to read a book or spy on the grown-ups.

The Little House for Big Dreamers

Premier Victorian

Starting at $3,165.09

Compact and affordable, this playhouse is a great choice for small backyards. Your princess can enjoy a little tea downstairs or take a nap upstairs in the loft.

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