Super Cute Garden-Themed She Shed

Super Cute Garden-Themed She Shed

01 Sep 2019

Helga Hughes is an avid gardener and DIY remodeler. After moving from California to her current home in Tyler, Texas, Helga set about transforming the property.

Helga has a large deck facing the backyard, but most of her home’s relaxation areas face the street, not the backyard. Helga wanted an indoor space where she could look across her backyard oasis while crocheting or reading. Also, she just plain wanted a she shed.

In California, Helga had purchased sheds for backyard storage, but never with the level of customization that she needed for a she shed. As she took stock of her surroundings in Tyler, she noticed the Ulrich store on SW Loop 323.

She quickly grew to appreciate sales consultant Peyton Lumley not only as a shed adviser, but also as a friend.

After looking at the models on display, Helga settled on a 10x12 Premier Utility shed. She customized it with an attractive residential door and four large windows.

The shed design is wonderfully congruent with the garden setting. The trellis and mini-deck by the door feel like a combination of a porch and garden walkway. Inside, the garden theme continues with an antique-style potting bench, plant-themed artwork, and a generous display of potted plants.

The walls and ceiling have a rough, white-washed appearance, and one wall has a bold floral wallpaper.

So far, Helga has been too busy remodeling her home and setting up her backyard to have much time to kick back. But when she does, she looks forward to reading, crocheting, and drawing in her new she shed.

Overall, Helga is very pleased with her Ulrich shed. “I find it to be a really great product,” she says. “With the additions that you can make and the add-ons and the looks—I’m in love.”

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